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21st Century Dermatology

Robin Borkowsky Rubell, MD, FAAD

Dermatologist located in Mid-Town, New York, NY

Robin Borkowsky Rubell, MD, FAAD recognizes that there are many criteria by which patients choose a doctor. Dr. Borkowsky Rubell and her caring staff work together as a team to be responsive, supportive, and understanding of each patient's individual needs. Dr. Borkowsky Rubell believes that each patient’s journey begins when the appointment is made.

This office philosophy starts from the moment the patient calls and speaks directly with a knowledgeable staff member. At Dr. Borkowsky Rubell’s office,there is no central call center so you will always be greeted by a person intimately associated with the office.

Our Services


Acne and Rosacea


Excessive Sweating


Hair Loss


Botox & Fillers

Commonly Treated Skin Conditions And Cosmetic Services